Mid Year Health Check-In    

Renewing health goals Huron Church Chiropractic Many of us may find it hard to believe that we’re nearly half-way through the year, but the calendar doesn’t lie!

With the bounty of summer nearing and all the fantastic outdoor activities available to us in Windsor and Essex County, now is a great time to review and renew our commitment to improved health.

How are you doing with your health goals? Are you more active? Healthier? Happier? Less stressed? Here are some considerations and healthy inspiration for you:

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Proactive Versus Reactive Health Care

Proactive Health Care advice Windsor On Here are Huron Church Chiropractic and Family Wellness Centre, we believe in a “proactive” health care model.

What is proactive health care?

Proactive health care involves continually taking steps to maintain good health before illness or injury occurs. By working to prevent the occurrence of disease, illness or injury; this model for self-care is better for our health care system and ourselves.

When we take action to monitor and manage our health, we reduce our dependence on our health care providers to manage our illness.

It’s easier to maintain good health than manage sickness.

What is reactive health care?

Reactive health is managing our illness, disease or injury which is more likely to involve surgery, medication, hospital stays, ER visits, chronic pain management, time away from work and a less active and happy life.

Proactive health tips:

  • Schedule regular visits to your primary physician, dentist and chiropractor
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Monitor your blood pressure and have your blood tested as recommended
  • Regularly perform self-examinations
  • Take steps to boost your immune system with vitamin C and antioxidants
  • Avoid pollution and toxins in and outside your home
  • Stretch and exercise regularly
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Stay hydrated, drinking plenty of water
  • Get restful sleep
  • Practice stress management techniques

Final considerations about proactive or preventative self-care:

  • You will be better able to avoid potential health problems
  • You will more likely to detect early symptoms of disease or illness
  • Early detection may help with treatment of your illness or injury

Regular chiropractic care is an important element of a preventative health care approach. We would like to be your partners in your proactive health strategy: Please call us to schedule your appointment and to discuss your wellness plan. 519-258-8544

National Health and Fitness Day

National Health and Fitness DaySaturday, June 3rd is National Health and Fitness Day in Canada: What a great opportunity to get your family active and take stock of your overall wellness!

Good health is more than just eating right; it’s about general wellbeing. Here are some suggestions to commemorate National Health and Fitness Day:

  • Plan some outdoor activities with the family
  • Enjoy quality down time together; keep the electronic devices away and have some real conversations
  • Prepare healthy meals together
  • Start a discussion with your family on how you can all be more active, healthier and happier


Volunteering is Good For Your Health

The Benefits of Volunteering Windsor Essex April is Nation Volunteer Month. Volunteering not only benefits your personal cause; it’s also good for your health!


When we give to others, we feel better about ourselves. Volunteering can help create a sense of purpose in our lives and improves happiness.

Reduce stress

Focusing our time and energy on others helps put personal challenges in perspective. Reducing stress has many physical and psychological benefits.

Good example

Your commitment to volunteering sets a positive example for your family, friends and your community.

Extend your network

Volunteering to a cause you care about will place you in contact with like-minded people. These bonds can help create a sense of belonging, which will benefit you personally and professionally.

Learn and grow    

Volunteering can help with personal growth as you may learn a new skill, be challenged, mentally stimulated, meet new people and be more active in your community.

It may be hard for you to find time to volunteer, but the effects of your commitment will have far reaching positive implications for you and for your community!

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Windsor – Essex, here are a few resources for you to check out.

Kijiji Windsor – Essex

Healthy Travel Tips

Travel tips for a healthy vacationEscaping the Windsor – Essex weather this winter? Lucky you! While traveling, it’s important to consider your spinal health.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your spine while traveling.

Pack light – Carrying overloaded suitcases, moving them in and out of vehicles can be extremely stressful on your back, and your vacation is the worst time for an unexpected injury! Pack your necessities in small, lightweight, easy to move bags.

Be mindful when lifting heavy bags to never pivot at your waist, which places tremendous stress on your spine and lower back. Rather move your feet and lift with your leg muscles, not your back.

Utilize curb side assistance and/or your shuttle/cab drivers to help with your heavy or awkward to maneuver bags.

Move, stretch, move – Sitting for prolonged periods isn’t natural for the human body. Make a point to move and stretch every 30 minutes if possible when traveling.

Be aware of your posture – Sitting in cramped or uncomfortable plane, train or car seats can hurt your spinal health. Be certain your lower back is well supported with the use of a travel pillow, and that your knees are bent at a 90% angle and your feet have a footrest.

Staying hydrated will help your brain and muscles function normally in the abnormal travel situation.

Know your limits – With the winter weather, many of us are used to a less active lifestyle. Be certain not to over exert yourself while on vacation and stretch before all physical activity.

Review your travel medical insurance – if a medical emergency should arise, be absolutely certain that you’re covered. Even a minor medical problem while outside of Ontario can cause financial devastation.

We hope that you enjoy your time away!

The Easiest Way to Make Resolutions Last

How to make a life change Dr Scott Colassanti Windsor On A new year is a chance for a new beginning. Whether your goals are to improve your health, increase your wealth or better your personal relationships: here is the best way to approach real change.

Make your goals incremental and very specific – Big goals can be unrealistic and overwhelming. You’ll be more likely to succeed if you can measure and celebrate your progress.

Document your goals – Write down not only what you want to accomplish, but also why; including how your will feel when you’ve met your goals. Have your goals visible in a place you can review them daily.

Share your resolutions with supportive friends or family – Creating accountability will help you follow through with your ongoing improvements.

Change can be hard. It takes consistency and dedicated effort. We wish you the best!

Holidays Can be a Real Pain

Tips to Avoid Holiday Pain With the busyness of the holiday season and some downtime, we often find ourselves outside of our normal routine. Here are some simple ideas to help you not only make the most of the holiday season, but to do so with good health in mind.


Sleep well. The extra time off can be a great opportunity to rest and recharge your mind and body!

Drink lots of water. We may be consuming more alcohol and calorie-rich foods; beyond our daily norm. Keeping well hydrated will help your metabolic function stay on track.

Wash your hands (more). Out and about shopping, gatherings with family and friends, handshakes and holiday kisses can increase your risk of illness. Wash your hands a little more frequently than usual to help prevent the spread of sickness.

Relax, but not too much! Your body is meant to be in motion! While it’s okay to stream Netflix all day, be sure to get up, stretch and move every hour to help prevent muscle and joint stiffness and improve circulation.

Traveling? Pack a few light bags as opposed to one large, heavy one. Your back will thank you!

Moving heavy parcels or even food? Be sure to bend and lift with your knees, not your back. Take your time and be sure of your footing.

Heading out into the winter weather? Wear footwear appropriate for ice and snow to help prevent slip and fall injuries.

Feeling stressed? Here are two articles that may help, please click here to learn more.

We wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday! Please click here to find our holiday office hours.