Get Out and Enjoy the Bounty of Summer

Enjoy and Active Summer in Windsor EssexLonger days, warm weather, fresh air, kids out of school… Are you taking advantage of summertime?

Summer is our chance to relax and enjoy after enduring the cold harsh winter. For most of us, summer is the time to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking, camping, swimming, barbecues, etc. – not to mention the many festivals and events to be experienced.

In Windsor – Essex County, our seasons are fleeting and this seems to be especially true for summertime… so here are some ways to take advantage of the summertime.

Get out and be active

Why be cooped up in a stuffy gym, or in lounging in front of the TV or the iPad?

There are so many ways to exercise outdoors, from running to swimming to biking, golf, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc.

It’s the perfect time to ‘change up’ from the same old routines, and our bodies definitely benefit from these kinds of changes.

Of course, when we are braving the elements we should definitely stay well hydrated, use sunblock and avoid full sun exposure. Injury prevention is also important; take note of uneven terrain and use caution with more ‘extreme’ environments. As with all exercise, a proper warm-up is essential.

Enjoy locally-produced fresh produce

When we buy produce from the grocery store, it is generally ‘old’ by the time it hits the shelves. Fresh and local food not only tastes better but it has a higher nutrient content because it is fresh. It is not only a good thing to support local farmers, but it is also healthier and environmentally friendly to enjoy food that is in-season.

Check out this local farmer’s guide by clicking here.


Summer is a great time to enjoy the more important things in life like family. Summer activities are a perfect way to spend time with the ones that you love.

Watch a sunset, go for a walk, eat a Popsicle, play catch… sometimes the simplest activities can create lasting memories.

We believe that wellness and good health is about balance, so take the time to enjoy the bounties of summer.

The days are getting shorter and before we know it, fall and winter will be upon us before we know it… Make sure that you can look back and say, “I had a great summer!”

Widespread Pain, Tender Points, Fatigue? Must be Fibromyalgia.

Natural Help Therapies for Fibromyalgia Windsor Ontario Scott ColasantiFibromyalgia is a fairly commonly diagnosed (or misdiagnosed) condition. The hallmarks of this condition are widespread musculoskeletal pain, multiple local tender-points, fatigue, and even depression and anxiety. These are the most common symptoms but there is a myriad of other symptoms linked to fibromyalgia as well.

Fibromyalgia occurs more commonly in females, and there is really no known cause. It is a sort of “catch basin” for very common symptoms that occur in many people for many different reasons. It is because of these generalized symptoms and its elusive nature, that fibromyalgia is all too easily misdiagnosed. In fact, only recently has it received widespread acceptance as an actual medical syndrome. There was a time where many medical professionals did not even believe fibromyalgia to be an actual condition, or at the very least they may have considered it to be more of a psychological condition, rather than a rheumatic condition.

What causes fibromyalgia is still somewhat a mystery. There is some research suggesting that there may be a genetic component to it. The general consensus is that it is induced by some sort of trauma or insult to the body. This may be anything from a viral infection, physical trauma, or emotional trauma. Basically, when the body is subjected to such an overload, it may affect the central nervous system in a way to create increased sensitization to pain and increased inflammatory response throughout our bodies. We are designed to keep things in a state of balance, this is known as homeostasis. When this delicate balance is interrupted or damaged somehow, we may go ‘out of balance’.

With my patients, I like to use the analogy of our ‘thermostat’ goes out of whack and does not revert back to normal.

Fibromyalgia can be a very debilitating and chronic condition. Proper diagnosis requires a medical exam and lab tests to rule out other similar conditions like low thyroid function. Medical treatment relies mostly on pharmaceutical intervention.

As for other alternatives, as usual, I like to go back to the basics first with things like diet, sleep and exercise. In fact, regular exercise is one of the things that has shown to very effective in helping reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Acupuncture and chiropractic care can be very helpful because they help regulate the nervous system and allow the body to ‘reset’ the thermostat.

This overview is very general for such a complex condition, however, the bottom line is that our bodies have the ability to heal and we may be able to help by providing some tools to help push things in the right direction to do so.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and would like to try chiropractic or acupuncture, please call our office – 519-258-8544.

Why is the Room Spinning?

Vertigo can be debilitatingVertigo is the sensation of the environment moving around you is when there really is no movement. 

Vertigo is basically a type of dizziness, which is often accompanied by nausea, and loss of balance. It can be a serious and debilitating problem. There are basically two types of vertigo and they are known as central vertigo and peripheral vertigo.

Central vertigo is caused by a disturbance in the balance centres of the central nervous system and is often associated with some type of lesion in the brain. This is often a more serious type of vertigo and is often accompanied by serious balance problems and other neurological deficits. There are many disorders that can cause vertigo such as tumours, epilepsy, and migraines to name a few. This type of vertigo is usually longer lasting than peripheral vertigo and is usually treated with medication or surgery depending on the cause.

Peripheral vertigo a problem with the inner ear, which contains our balance organs. These organs are basically fluid-filled chambers which contain nerve endings that respond to our position in space. Our position causes movement of the fluid which then interacts with the nerve endings that relay information to our brain, which in turn processes it and then coordinates it so our body can maintain balance and position sense.  When there is a problem with this system it could result in ‘mixed signals’ or the wrong information getting to our brain thus giving us the sensation of dizziness. This could also be accompanied by nausea too.

Most of us have experienced this type of motion sickness after being on a boat or after spinning on a carnival ride. This would be a type of peripheral vertigo. This type of vertigo can also be caused by an infection in the middle ear. Another type of peripheral vertigo which is accompanied by ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and a sense of pressure or fullness in our ears is known as Meniere’s disease. There is no known origin of this condition and it is usually progressive and may lead to deafness.

The most common type of peripheral vertigo is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV. This occurs when small calcium deposits called otoliths break off and ‘float’ around in the fluid-filled chambers causing the nerve fibres to trigger which in turn causes vertigo. In this condition, the vertigo is usually made worse by certain head movements. BPPV can be diagnosed by a specific test whereby the head is turned to reproduce the symptoms.

This type of vertigo can often be successfully treated by the Epley Maneuver which puts the head through ranges of motion that eventually allow the ‘exit’ of the otoliths from the fluid chambers, thus alleviating the symptoms. This often works within 1 or 2 treatments. Sometimes, more persistent causes of vertigo will benefit with chiropractic adjustments and/or acupuncture.

If you develop vertigo or know someone that has it, many sufferers respond very well to these drug-free approaches. Please reach out to us if we can help: 519-258-8544

Good Health – It’s Up to You

Health advice Windsor Ontario Dr Scott ColasantiBegin your journey to better health… today!

Eat well, sleep well, exercise, reduce stress and see your doctor.

We offer many therapies to help start you on your journey. Chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, cold LASER therapy and nutrition advice – just to name a few.

We’d love to be a part of your healthy life. Please call us today to learn how we can help. 519-258-8544