Feel Great

Be more active Windsor Chiropractor Scott ColasantiFeeling better and improving your overall health can be achieved simply by becoming more physically active.

There are so many benefits to exercise:

  • Stress relief
  • Strengthen your heart, muscles and bones
  • Improve circulation exercise
  • Achieve and maintain good mobility and flexibility

Can you add just a little more activity into your day? Check out this past article for some easy ideas!

Canada Day Fun in Windsor – Essex

Canada Day Fun Windsor EssexIt’s a special day for Canadians and Canada as we come together to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday!

How you are celebrating? Whether you’re a die-hard patriot or use this holiday as relaxing downtime away from work; there are so many fun activities happening in Windsor – Essex.

Here are a few fun suggestions for a fun and active Canada Day:

  • Parades – there are several family-friendly parades and activities happening in Windsor and Essex County communities. Check out the local community calendar in your municipality.
  • Explore – visit a community you haven’t been to in a while. Rediscover their parks, beaches and green spaces.
  • Prepare a fresh summer meal – check out a local farmer’s market and challenge your family to prepare and enjoy a “local-only” meal.
  • Create a summer bucket list – involve your family to create a list of all the fun things you plan on doing together this summer.

From all of us at Huron Church Chiropractic and Family Wellness Centre, we wish you a fun and active Canada Day. Enjoy!

Fall Family Fun Outdoor Activities

Sunset over Detroit River viewed from Windsor OnBefore your family settles in for a long, cold, Windsor-Essex County winter; be active! Get outside and enjoy these low or no-cost family fun outdoor activities.

  • It’s a great time to visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch in Essex County. Many offer other family-friendly outdoor activities.
  • Take a walk or bike ride on the Windsor Riverfront. Enjoy the city scenery and immerse your family in the art at Windsor Sculpture Park.
  • Rediscover the beauty of one of Canada’s National Parks: Right here in our own county! Stroll the boardwalks, hike the easy trails and enjoy the nature at Point Pelee National Park.
  • Explore the calm beauty of the Chrysler Greenway. There is more than 50 kms of trails in Essex County with diverse natural areas and green space.
  • Enjoy the culture and history of Fort Malden in Amherstburg where there are many special events and activities happening; indoors and out!

If you have any other healthy outdoor activities for families in the Windsor-Essex area, please leave your comment below.


Busy? Over-scheduled? Exhausted?

tired child looking out a rainy windowSo much of our days are over-scheduled. We spend our time running from one place to the next, hurried, harried and busy. Our brains are overworked from multi-tasking while rushing through our demanding day.

It’s really no wonder so much of our “downtime” is spend vegging out in front of the television, playing online games or checking out social media.

We need a break!

Likely there’s a few areas in your life that could use better time management, but;

What good is improved time management if you don’t have the energy or ambition to DO anything?

So many of us are exhausted by the end of the day and the reward for making it through another day is often an unhealthy choice: lounging on the couch, eating snacks or relieving the stress of the day with alcohol.

Our brains want to rest and our bodies are willing conspirators in what can become a very unhealthy habit.

What can we do to get past this unhealthy routine?

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat fresh, unprocessed foods (feed your brain!) and remove unhealthy temptations from your home
  • Practice stress relieving techniques
  • Commit to performing some type of physical activity, even when it’s the last thing you want to do
  • Change your focus from “perfection” to “happiness”
  • Involve friends and family to help encourage your lifestyle change
  • Practice gratitude, remembering what’s really important in life
  • Take steps to live a more simple, satisfying life

We’re here for you on your wellness journey. Please reach out to us: 519-158-8544

It’s Easy to be More Active!

Ways to Add more Activity with Family Windsor EssexIf one of your health goals is to become more active in your day, we know it can be hard to find the extra time. And when we have the time, say later in the evening, we’re often too exhausted from our long and stressful day to do anything!

Did you know that…

Only 1/5 of Canadian adults are active enough. In other words, only 20% of us are getting 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity per week for health benefits. For children and youth, the numbers are even lower. Only 1/10 (9%) of children and youth accumulate the recommended 60 minutes of activity per day.[1]

Getting more physical exercise doesn’t necessarily mean long hours spent daily at the gym – it can be just making small adjustments which will form new healthy and active habits.

Involve your family, friends or partner

Committing to be more active is as easy as spending time with the ones you care about! Simply adjust what you normally do with your friends, family or loved ones and add a little daily activity!

  • If your girlfriends like to get together for dinner once a week, suggest a brisk walk around the neighborhood first.
  • Instead of playing video games at home, get your family out for bowling, hit the community pool, trampoline park, or virtual sports centre.
  • If you’re family goes out to the movies once a week, try walking a few quick laps around the mall first (and skipping the giant, buttery popcorn!)
  • Invite your spouse out for a short walk after dinner each night, or join a volleyball, indoor golf or badminton league!

And guess what? You’re friends, family and/or partner will feel better about their activity level too, and may encourage you when you feel like just being a couch potato!

There are a lot of easy ways to add a little more movement in your day, but doing it with the ones you most enjoy spending time with make it even more worthwhile.

Get moving Windsor – Essex! Your body will thank you!

[1] http://blog.participaction.com/en/stop-resolving-to-lose-weight/

Starting a New Exercise Program? See Your Chiropractor

How to become more active - See Your ChiropractorWith the warmer weather, many in Windsor and Essex County are ready to improve their fitness level  and perhaps try a new activity.

Are you looking to start:

  • Running/jogging
  • Biking
  • Cross-fit
  • Golfing
  • Working out at a gym
  • Or just to be more active

Before trying out a new workout regime or physical activity, give us a visit to assess your current posture and muscular-skeletal function.

Starting off on the right foot will help improve your chances of success and make your new found activity more enjoyable.

We’re here to help, please call 519-258-8544