Happy, Healthy, Active Children

Children kids chiropractic Windsor Ontario Dr Scott ColasantiWith the warmer weather, children across Windsor and Essex County are outdoors and likely more physically active than during the winter months.

Children can be pretty rough on their bodies, and because they’re in a constant state of change, it’s essential to keep their growing bodies in good form and function.


  • Your child complains of muscular or joint pain.
  • Your child’s posture – ‘forward head posture’ is a common problem in today’s world with the increase of tablets, smartphones and laptops.
  • Does your child suffer from headaches?
  • How does your child appear and move? Do they favour one side or limp? Does one shoulder or shoulder blade sit higher than the other? Is their head usually tilted to one side?
  • How physically active are your children? Here’s a simple guideline to help.

Chiropractic care can help people in all stages of life and development.

How does chiropractic care help?

  • The spine houses the nerves
  • The nerves affect every area of the body
  • If there is a misalignment in the spine, it affects nerves which affect the body

We love to see happy, healthy and active children. Whether your child is very active with sports or is more the imaginative type, we’d be help. Please call to make an appointment today – 519-258-8544

Back to School Tips

Happy Healthy Back to school TipsWe all want our children to be happy and succeed in school. A successful school year begins with a success start to the school year.

Here are our ideas to help you prepare yourself, your children and your house for a great school year.

Reset internal sleep clocks

Returning to a normal sleep schedule can be the most challenging part of children going back to school.

Get your kids into bed 15 minutes earlier than their summer normal, and awake 15 minutes early each day until they are back on their school sleep routine well in advance of the first day.

Get organized

Reduce stress on the entire house by getting organized. Create a family calendar and a calendar for each child. It’s the perfect place to document all after school activities, field trips, doctor appointments and assignment deadlines.

Involve the children in updating their calendars and checking in daily to see upcoming priorities.

Shop, but don’t over shop

Most children will require some clothes and supplies for back to school, but this is a good opportunity to demonstrate to your kids that a happy life doesn’t revolve around owning “things” – just buy them the necessities and the basics.

A good life is focused on what’s important; family, experience, personal growth and expression.

Plan meals ahead of time

  • Take the time to prepare a week’s menu in advance to help:
  • Remove much of the stress related to meal planning
  • Avoid time consuming extra trips to the grocery store
  • Eliminate expensive and unhealthy fast food meals

Involve your children in choosing school lunches and meal planning to help them understand the importance of making healthy decisions.


Use the last few weeks of summer to take care of your child’s health. Taking care of doctor visits now (including your chiropractor!) will ease the stress of a new school year.

Getting into a well organized back to school routine will help establish lasting good habits. Reducing stress within the family dynamic will help everyone focus on what’s important; another successful school year.

From our families to yours, we wish you all the best!

Your Children & Chiropractic Care

Kids chiropractor children Windsor On Dr Scott ColasantiOur goal as parents is to raise happy, healthy and active children. We’d like to offer you 6 reasons why regular chiropractic care is important for children of all ages.

Children are hard on their bodies

Whether your child is involved in sports or prefers to spend their time playing on mobile devices; their young bodies can be easily misaligned.


Your child’s body is in a constant state of change, and regular chiropractic care helps restore and maintain their body for optimum functioning, relieving tension and stress as their body changes.

Good habits start early

Good posture starts in childhood and last lasting benefits. Chiropractors can also encourage proper head positioning while on electronic devices.

Set a good example

When you utilize regular chiropractic care for yourself you and your children, you demonstrate the importance of good health: setting a life-long example of the importance of good self-care.

In sickness and in health

Removing interference from the nervous system helps your child’s body operate in its natural healthy state.

Better sleep and related benefits    

Our nerves affect every aspect of our body, and when there is interference it can result in sleep, concentration and even behavioural issues.

Overall good health

Our spine houses our nerves, and our nervous controls our whole body. Chiropractic care helps support nervous system functioning; which means your child’s entire body will benefit.

Everyone with a spine benefits from chiropractic care. Begin your child’s healthy journey today and call us to schedule your visit: 519-258-8544

Help for Ear Infections, Sinusitis and Allergies

Young girl holding her painful earIf you or your child has suffered with ear infections, you understand how painful and problematic this often chronic condition can be. Doctor, hospital, specialist visits and even surgery to insert tubes to improve drainage is a long, painful process – for sufferers of all ages.

Knowing that our spine houses our nerves and our nerves control every aspect of our body is a good foundation for understanding how chiropractic care can help with ear infections, sinusitis and allergies.

Try chiropractic

When your spine is in proper alignment, your body is better able to function at its normal, healthy state, which also includes self-healing capabilities.

If there is interference in the upper cervical area (the upper most 3 bones in the spine), nerve signals may not properly be reaching the brain. Fluids may build up as a result, which breeds bacteria and infection.

By restoring the proper position of the vertebra which house the nerves that affect ears and sinuses, related problems may disappear.

While chiropractic care doesn’t specifically treat ear infections, sinusitis or allergies, restoring balance to the body has many immediate, far reaching and long lasting effects. If you or your child has issues with ear or sinus infections, please call us for more information and to schedule your visit: 519-258-8544

Healthy Parents, Healthy Children

Children and Chiropractic care Windsor Ontario Huron Chuch ChiropracticWe all know that children follow the example set by their parents. Are you setting a good example?

Life affords no greater responsibility, no great privilege then the raising of the next generation. – C. Everett Koop

Healthy habits that begin in childhood will create a foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. – Benjamin Franklin

Involve your children in creating your family’s wellness lifestyle. Teach them why healthy choices are important. Be proactive in your pursuit of good health and your children will learn and follow.

Include regular chiropractic care for your children into their health routine. Children benefit from chiropractic care at any age and during all stages of development.

How do children benefit from chiropractic care?

Aside from helping with the aches, pains and injuries of active children, improved nerve functioning can help many of the following common childhood conditions as ‘fringe benefit’ of chiropractic care:

  • Headaches, ear infections, ear aches and sore throats
  • Colds, flu and allergies
  • Constipation
  • Growing pains
  • Scoliosis
  • Bed wetting, sleep problems and anxiety

In this very influential time in your child’s life, set a good example and be proactive about your and their health: Please call us to book and appointment or to learn more about chiropractic care for children – 519-258-8544

Chiropractic and ADHD

Chiropractic and ADHD Windsor Ontario Dr Scott ColasantiADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) affects mainly children but the condition may continue into adolescence or even adulthood.  The symptoms include a difficulty with concentration, erratic behaviour, staying focused and can also be characterized as hyperactivity.

Some ADHD patients have other symptoms including tics, tremors, balance problems and sensitivity to touch, movement, sights and/or sounds. Considering these symptoms, some medical professionals believe that ADHD is the result of an overactive nervous system.

With a significant increase in ADHD diagnoses in the last decade, and no known cure, ADHD is a controversial medical condition.

Medication has helped some patients control the symptoms of ADHD, but even medicating children is a controversial subject. Considering that it’s easy to misdiagnose a child, medications can be improperly consumed, the long term effects of these medications are unknown and the medications affect many patients differently.

Some doctors encourage non-drug options to help ease the symptoms of ADHD including:

  • Diet modification (eliminating food dyes, processed foods and sugar)
  • Dietary recommendations (natural and organic foods)
  • Allergy testing (dairy and gluten as example)
  • Chiropractic care

Why do some doctors recommend chiropractic care for ADHD patients?

Chiropractic is believed to target the underlying problems which may cause ADHD.

Dr. Robert Melilo, a chiropractic neurologist, stated: “Motor activity—especially development of the postural muscles—is the baseline function of brain activity. Anything affecting postural muscles will influence brain development. Musculoskeletal imbalance will create imbalance of brain activity, and one part of the brain will develop faster than the other and that’s what’s happening in ADHD patients.”

Quite simply, chiropractic adjustments help remove spinal subluxations which irritate the nervous system and ultimately improve nervous system and brain functioning.

With an estimated 1 in 10 children diagnosed with or suffering from the symptoms of ADHD, this condition not only affects the quality of life of the patients, but is also a challenge for families and educators.

If you child is affected by ADHD, perhaps chiropractic care can help. Please call our office to schedule an appointment – 519-258-8544.