Help to Quit Smoking

Help to quit smoking Windsor Essex On Dr Scott ColasantiQuitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. We know it’s tough, and we can help.

Acupuncture helps lessen the side effects of withdrawal from nicotine. By placing needles in strategic locations on the body, nerves are stimulated which helps with feelings such as:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Stress
  • Acupuncture in some cases even transforms that taste of tobacco into an unpleasant experience.
  • Acupuncture, in general, helps restore balance to the body and aids in detoxification – helping the patient on their path to a healthier life.

For these reasons, Acupuncture has been a regular treatment used for years in drug detox clinics worldwide.

How often are the treatments?

The number and frequency of Acupuncture treatments vary from person to person. For example, if the patient is ‘cutting down’ and working towards a quit date, we’d recommend once a week until the quit date, then twice a week for a few weeks during the actual withdrawal period. If the patient is going to quit ‘cold turkey’, then we recommend two or three times a week for 2 or three weeks, until the symptoms of withdrawal are lessened.

Additional support

The smoker does need the motivation to quit. By evaluating the patient’s history, we can recommend smoke-free ‘replacement’ habits to help end the emotional and physical addiction. For instance, if a person normally has a coffee and a cigarette first thing in the morning, a change would be a ‘go’ coffee and a brisk 10-minute walk.

There are natural herbs we can recommend that also help lessen the effects of withdrawal.

We further recommend the person trying to quit to get support from their family, friends and co-workers.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss quitting smoking with Acupuncture further, please feel free to call us – 519-258-8544.

We look forward to helping you on your journey of a happier, healthier, smoke-free life!

Improve Age-Related Mobility Issues with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractor for seniors windsor Ontario Scott ColasantiOur goal at Huron Church Chiropractic and Family Wellness Centre is to get and keep people of all ages healthy and active. As we age, many of us experience a decrease in mobility and thereby a reduction in activity. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle is the key to a long and happy life.

A study from the University of Iowa has concluded that regular chiropractic care can help older people stay active.

Along with other factors, the study focused on older patients’ activity levels for those who utilized regular chiropractic care versus those who did not.

Comparing the two groups, the researches concluded the following:

Those who utilized chiropractic care:

  • Had fewer mobility limitations
  • Fewer doctor visits and need for hospitalization
  • Experienced less difficulty with daily activities, such as walking and lifting objects

This study provides evidence of a protective effect of chiropractic care against 1-year declines in functional and self-rated health among Medicare beneficiaries with spine conditions, and indications that chiropractic users have higher satisfaction with follow-up care and information provided about what is wrong with them.

If you’re experiencing a change in your mobility, we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss how you may benefit from chiropractic care. Please reach out to us to schedule your visit or for more information: 519-258-8544

Inspiration for Better Wellness

What is wellness?

It is the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health.

Wellness is more than just exercise or proper nutrition, overall wellness can also include:

  • Social wellness
  • Emotional wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Environmental wellness
  • Occupational wellness
  • Intellectual wellness
  • Physical wellness

Here are some famous quotes to inspire your wellness journey.

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.” Joan Welsh

“Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other.” Joseph Addison

“My own prescription for health is less paperwork and more running barefoot through the grass.” Terri Guillemets

Wellness inspiration Huron Church Chiropractic

“Live in rooms full of light. Avoid heavy food. Be moderate in the drinking of wine. Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics. Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water. Change surroundings and take long journeys. Strictly avoid frightening ideas. Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements. Listen to music. ” A. Cornelius Celsus

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” World Health Organization

“If you are able to see the interrelatedness of mind and body, sensitivity towards your body becomes much sharper. Therefore, the maintaining of good health also becomes easier.” Lobsang Tenzin

Chiropractic Care and Your Immune System

Boost your immune system chiropractic careWhile chiropractic adjustments don’t specifically treat your immune system, improving the immune system’s functioning is one of many ‘fringe benefits‘ of chiropractic care.

How does chiropractic care help your immune system? 

  • Chiropractic adjustments help correct ‘subluxations’ (or joint dysfunctions) in your spine.
  • Your spine houses your nerves.
  • Your nerves effect every area of your body, including your immune system.

When the joints in the spine are better aligned, and stress is relieved from the nervous system, the communication within the nervous system is improved; thus helping the immune system function properly.

Children, in particular, seem to benefit the most from this ‘fringe benefit’ of chiropractic care. We’ve seen great results with chiropractic adjustments helping children with ear infections, tonsillitis, allergies and asthma – just to name a few.

If you’re not feeling your best, (or even if you are!) call to arrange your chiropractic appointment, and maybe you’ll experience one of the many ‘fringe benefits’! 519-258-8544

Health Review

How to be healthier Huron Church Chiropractor Windsor On Anytime is a good time for a review of your overall health.

Here are the actions to take:

  1. List what you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to maintain your good health.
  2. List the unhealthy activities you engage in.
  3. Write a plan to eliminate the unhealthy aspects of your life.

The first step will help you feel accomplished by documenting the ways you maintain good health such as by regular exercise.

By writing down the unhealthy activities in the second step, you’re acknowledging that there are areas for improvement.

By making a plan to eliminate the less-than-desirable aspects of your wellbeing, you’re documenting the steps and taking action.

Here are some articles to help you make your goals a reality:

Be sure to hare your plan and your goals with supportive loved ones, so they can help you.

All the best to you!

World Spine Day

The focus of World Spine Day in 2017 is on the importance of body awareness and activities that promote a healthy spine.

“Your Back in Action”

It was just a simple thing, until it wasn’t…

Whether it’s dressing, playing, or sitting, sometimes, daily tasks aren’t so easy. That’s a message that rings all to true for many of us and for those we love. This World Spine Day, we’re dedicated to recognizing those not-so-simple things, and letting you know that chiropractic care is here for you.

Pain changes everything. Chiropractic care changes pain.