How to Relieve Headache Pain Naturally

Natural relief for headaches Windsor Ontario ChiropractorMany of us suffer from an occasional headache, while others suffer chronically. It’s easy to reach for an over-the-counter pain reliever to rid yourself of the pain, however dependence on this ‘band-aid’ fix can be dangerous.

It’s always best to treat the problem, rather than mask the symptoms of the problem.

The most common type of headache is the ‘tension-type’ headache. Tension headaches are usually the result of:

  • Physical and/or emotional stress
  • Poor posture
  • ‘Forward head posture’ from working on computers or spending significant time on electronic devices
  • Muscle strain due to repetitive movements

Natural relief for headaches

Stretch – Regardless of what type of work or activity causes your headaches, it’s a great idea to stretch and move around every half hour if possible. It helps keep your body stay limber, your muscles loose and your blood flowing.

Self-massage – After stretching, spend a few moments massaging your neck and shoulders. This will help relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow.

Change your habits – Spending too much time, especially non-essential time, on computers or mobile devices can create unnecessary strain in your neck and shoulder muscles.

Improve your diet – Eliminating processed foods and reducing your salt intake, while consuming more water will help your body function at a higher level.

Seek professional help

Chiropractor – Chiropractic adjustments reduce the tension in the muscles and joints of the neck and back, helping to alleviate nerve irritation, improving range of motion and blood flow.

Registered Massage Therapist – Massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve muscle tension, targeting the neck, shoulders and back muscles.

Acupuncturist – Acupuncture helps with many neurological conditions, such as headaches, migraines, difficulty sleeping, nervous tension, and dizziness. The stimulation of nerves via acupuncture results in endogenous pain control, tapping into your body’s own pharmacy, causing the release of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory chemicals.

Ophthalmologist – Eye strain could be a cause of your headaches. Being equipped with a proper prescription and comfortable eyeglasses could help with your headaches.

We offer many natural therapies to help you with your headache pain. Please call for your appointment today – 519-258-8544.

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