Not Feeling Yourself?

Tips to deal with stress Dr Scott ColasantiThere are times in our lives when we just don’t feel like ourselves. It could be grey weather getting us down, dealing with the everyday stress in our lives or perhaps we’re not eating well or getting enough exercise.

Here are four simple tips to help you get back on track and feeling physically and emotionally better.

Do something for someone else

Visit an elderly neighbour, donate to a food bank, offer to baby or dog sit for a friend. Do something kind and generous for a stranger.

If we can remove ourselves temporarily from our normal routine, we often benefit by taking the focus away from our personal issues.

Write it down

Recording how we feel mentally and physically can help us organize and make sense of our issues. Documenting feelings can have a positive therapeutic effect and can help put things in perspective.

Talk a walk

Getting outside (even when the weather isn’t perfect) and being active can have a calming and relaxing effect. Improved circulation and time spent away from your regular environment both have lasting positive results.

Do something for yourself

So much of our lives is spent in dedication to others. Take time to do something for yourself. We recommend a chiropractic visit. A chiropractic adjustment, whether you’re feeling physically fine or not, is like hitting the reset button on your computer; it helps restore the body to it’s natural, healthy state.

The cumulative effect of stressors in our lives can have physical and psychological impacts. An adjustment will help “set you straight”. Call us today, we’re here for your health: 519-258-8544

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