Simply Living

How to have a happy lifeIn today’s society, it can be difficult to not get caught up in our busy lives. Days run into weeks, we’re running around non-stop and constantly under stress.

Consider for a moment the last year of your life: When were your moments of happiness? Did buying a new car that made you happy, or was it laughing hysterically about a silly song with your family while driving that made you happy? 

Was the best thing getting a new iPad, or was it the fun you had at the birthday party when you received it? 

It’s likely not the ‘things’ that made you the happiest. It’s likely the time you spent with loved ones, doing simple, everyday activities.

Can you live more simply and shift your focus away from ‘things’? 

If you imagine your perfect day, what would bring you the most joy; the people you’re with and the activities you do, or would it be a ‘thing’ you own?

How can you make your life more enjoyable?

Live simply

  • Don’t worry about perfection
  • Don’t bother comparing yourself to others
  • Focus on what makes you happy
  • Eat and sleep well
  • Stop buying things you don’t need and that put you in debt
  • Take time to smell the flowers
  • Be proactive about your health
  • Get rid of the stress in your life
  • Practice gratitude and focus on all the good things in your life
  • Acknowledge moments of joy and contentment in your life

You can do it.

Have you made steps towards a more simple and happy life? How did you do it? Please leave your thoughts below.

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