Chiropractic and ADHD

Chiropractic and ADHD Windsor Ontario Dr Scott ColasantiADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) affects mainly children but the condition may continue into adolescence or even adulthood.  The symptoms include a difficulty with concentration, erratic behaviour, staying focused and can also be characterized as hyperactivity.

Some ADHD patients have other symptoms including tics, tremors, balance problems and sensitivity to touch, movement, sights and/or sounds. Considering these symptoms, some medical professionals believe that ADHD is the result of an overactive nervous system.

With a significant increase in ADHD diagnoses in the last decade, and no known cure, ADHD is a controversial medical condition.

Medication has helped some patients control the symptoms of ADHD, but even medicating children is a controversial subject. Considering that it’s easy to misdiagnose a child, medications can be improperly consumed, the long term effects of these medications are unknown and the medications affect many patients differently.

Some doctors encourage non-drug options to help ease the symptoms of ADHD including:

  • Diet modification (eliminating food dyes, processed foods and sugar)
  • Dietary recommendations (natural and organic foods)
  • Allergy testing (dairy and gluten as example)
  • Chiropractic care

Why do some doctors recommend chiropractic care for ADHD patients?

Chiropractic is believed to target the underlying problems which may cause ADHD.

Dr. Robert Melilo, a chiropractic neurologist, stated: “Motor activity—especially development of the postural muscles—is the baseline function of brain activity. Anything affecting postural muscles will influence brain development. Musculoskeletal imbalance will create imbalance of brain activity, and one part of the brain will develop faster than the other and that’s what’s happening in ADHD patients.”

Quite simply, chiropractic adjustments help remove spinal subluxations which irritate the nervous system and ultimately improve nervous system and brain functioning.

With an estimated 1 in 10 children diagnosed with or suffering from the symptoms of ADHD, this condition not only affects the quality of life of the patients, but is also a challenge for families and educators.

If you child is affected by ADHD, perhaps chiropractic care can help. Please call our office to schedule an appointment – 519-258-8544.

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