Your Body – Your Operating System

Why see a chiropractor - Windsor Ontario Huron Church Wellness CentreIf you could for a moment, think of your body consisting of millions of tiny computers; all working together on an extensive network… (Your brain might tell your leg to move… and it does. You might touch something hot and pull away before realizing the danger.)

The network of your body’s operating system is housed within the spine (the nerves), and just like when something is wrong on your computer’s network, it works similarly within your body.

If your hip is sending your brain an error message (pain), the root cause might actually be located elsewhere (the spine). This error message may even affect other parts of your network (your knees and feet as example).

If you keep ignoring these problems in your computer it will eventually work less efficiently or shut down permanently altogether – and that’s a consequence we certainly cannot put our bodies through!

To get your system back up and running, a ‘re-boot’ is necessary (a chiropractic adjustment). It helps the body return to improved functioning, fixing problems at the source and getting you up and running again.

You regularly run updates on your computer, software and operating systems… why not your body? We know it’s easier to perform this regular maintenance once in a while than it is to deal with a frozen, seized up or broken computer (or body!).

So whether you’re feeling great or in pain, book a chiropractic appointment today – 519-258-8544 – your whole ‘system’ will be glad you did!

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