Get Your Children Active This Summer

Kids Activities Windsor Essex Ontario 2014We all know that good health is a habit that is best developed at a young age. With the lure of easy entertainment at our fingertips, it’s even harder for parents to get their children out and active.

Here are a few tips to get your children more active this summer;

1) Do physical activities with your children – Make a commitment to their health and set aside time every day to take a walk with your children, go play a round of mini golf, kick around a soccer ball. They’ll love spending time with you and you’ll feel the benefits as well.

2) Power down – Spend time away from mobile phones, laptops and tablets and your children will follow your behaviour.

3) Increase their summertime responsibilities – With school out, children have more time to help out around the house. Make them responsible for maintaining a flower bed, cutting the grass, or watering indoor plants.

Click to TweetIf you feel stuck thinking of new, fun ways to get your children active this summer, download this idea filled calendar from Active For Life.

Healthy, happy kids grow into healthy, happy adults – and of course, if your child is experiencing headaches, muscle or joint pain, please call us for an appointment – 519-258-8544

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