Advanced Healing Power

At Huron Church Chiropractic and Family Wellness Centre, we’re proud to offer our patients the industry leading technology of Theralase Lasers, a proven medical device that safely and effectively stimulates deep tissue regeneration and relieves pain and inflammation.

  • Rapid cell growth
  • Faster wound healing
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Reduce fibrous tissue formation
  • Increased metabolic activity
  • Increased vascular activity
  • Stimulated nerve function

If you’re suffering from an injury, have pain or a wound that is slow to heal, please call us to book your Theralase Laser appointment – 519-258-8544. To learn more about Theralase, please click here.

Theralase testimonials:

Roy Halladay #32, Pitcher Toronto Blue Jays

“I use the Theralase laser to keep my throwing arm healthy. It reduces fatigue and allows me to play at my peak, game after game.”

Perdita Felicien, World Champion, Track & Field

“As a professional athlete I have tried many treatments over the years to help me recover from injury. In my first week using Theralase I noticed immediate relief to my injured left foot, the result was unlike any laser I had used in past. In my line of work injuries happen and Theralase is designed to speed up my body’s own healing to get me off the sidelines and back to the track quickly”

James Blake, Ranked #14 professional tennis player in the world in 2007

“I had to withdraw from the Rogers Masters in Montreal due to a severe abdominal muscle strain. For the next two weeks, I had two laser treatments per day with Theralase 1000 cluster laser, which accelerated the tissue healing and reduced the pain. In the next two tournaments I was runner-up at the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters at Cincinnati and I then clinched the Pilot Pen Tennis at New Haven. Theralase laser treatments were very helpful in accelerating my recovery time.”

Laser Therapy Windsor Ontario

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