The Healing Power of Gratitude

Tis the Season… Again

This is the time of year that we are faced with a multitude of stressors. The days are shorter, colder, and darker. We are busy running shopping and often spending more that we can afford, or attending holiday functions, in which we tend to indulge a bit too much. We get sick more often. There may difficult relationships that we are dealing with, or we may just feel lonelier. The list goes on. Sounds like a familiar tune for many of us.

It's time to be grateful for what we have - Huron Church Chiropractic

It becomes all too easy to get caught up in all of this stress and miss the true meaning of this time of year whether you are religious or not. We all strive for health and when we are truly healthy, we feel good both physically and emotionally. Holiday stress can be taxing on both fronts but if we put ourselves in the right mindset, we can begin to have a healthier perspective. For example, it is easy to forget that no matter what; we all have something to be grateful for. Acknowledging and expressing gratitude can be a very healing. It can change our perspective and therefore improve our health.

We may be rushed, and pushed around in crowds and the more that we ‘buy in’ to that environment, the more that it will have a negative impact on us. We can simply choose not to let it get to us. We can be stressed by obligations that we feel that we need to fulfill but if we only do what we are willing to manage, instead of what we think that we should, we will be able to enjoy more and stress less. We may indulge but we should exercise common sense and realize our limits. We will thank ourselves after the fact.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

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