Posture Workshop Announcement

By Dr. Tania Aloisio

Here’s the information for an upcoming posture workshop at St. Clair College in Windsor Ontario.

Core Strength is important to a healthy back


Did you know that by practicing proper posture at home, work and play, you can make a positive difference in your musculoskeletal health and in your overall quality of life? Taught by Dr. Tania Aloisio, DC and Dr. Natalie Cervini, DC, this workshop will educate community members regarding the importance of proper posture to prevent injuries such as repetitive strain, muscle tension, headaches, and back pain. Proper lifting and bending techniques, postural stretches, core strengthening exercises, ergonomics and the importance of dynamic posture will be emphasized. $79.10 (tuition $70.00, HST $9.10) 

WIN 071 8597 Aug 17, Sat, 9:00P-1:00P

Please click here for registration information.

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